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17 December 2014

The First E-Book Islamic For Children

The First E-Book Islamic For Children 

Spesifikasi :

✔buku dengan 20 m/s
✔mempunyai audio
✔mengandungi 2 bahasa iaitu bahasa arab dan bahasa inggeris
✔mempunyai butang muzik yg mengandungi pelbagai lagu kanak2
✔mengenal huruf
✔mengenal kenderaan
✔mengenal buah buahan
✔mengenal haiwan
✔mengenal nombor
✔mengenal bentuk dan warna
✔belajar cara2 berwuduk dan solat beserta bacaan2 dalam solat
✔doa2 harian
bacaan ayat2 suci Al Quran yg terpilih
✔Use 3pcs AA battery (not included)

Price :
RM65 (SM)
RM75 (SS)

SMS/WHATSAPP : 012-2357740 (JUE)

15 December 2014

Playskool: Explore 'N Grow: Step Start Walk 'n Ride

Product Description

• Includes two toys in one – The sturdy, stable walker helps babies learn to stand and walk
• Converts to baby’s first ride-on toy, with a locking mechanism only parents can activate
• Features hands-on activities in both the walker and ride-on modes
• Kids can see fascinating sights, hear silly sounds and touch interesting textures
• Comes with a soft antenna, colorful spinner, clicking gearshift and storage area under the hood

Price :
RM140 (SM)
RM160 (SS)

SMS/WHATSAPP : 012-2357740 (JUE)

09 December 2014





Price :
RM289 (SM)

Price Including Postage

SMS/WHATSAPP : 012-2357740 (JUE)

08 December 2014

Diono Easy View Back Seat Mirror

Diono Easy View Back Seat Mirror


*Attaches securely to the middle of any head rest*Shallow convex shape offers the largest, clearest reflection of any back seat mirror
*Back seat mirror that rotates 360 degrees and pivots on a ball and socket for the perfect angle to view an infant
*Do not have to place directly over infant
*Does not block driver rear visibility
*Driver never adjusts their own mirror
*Protects upholstery from any scratching
*Maintains mirror angle even over bumps
*Fits any headrest
*Material: 90% ABC plastic, 5% poly webbing, 5% EVA foam, steel, PVC
*Dimensions: 7.75" H x 7.75" W x 2" D (19.685 x 19.685 x 5.08 cm)

Price :
RM 38(SM) 
RM148 (SS) 

Price Including Postage 

sms / whatsapp : 012-2357740 - Jue

03 December 2014

Autumnz - Urban Diaper Backpack

Autumnz - Urban Diaper Backpack

  • Large compartments with many pockets
  • Ample storage space
  • Water resistant exterior
  • Multipurpose padded changing mat included 
  • Divider to separate wet from dry compartment
  • Divider can be rolled up to form one big compartment
  • Insulated bottle holder inside
  • Bag opens up wide for easy access
  • Special stroller strap to strap bag into stroller
  • Comfortable & adjustable shoulder straps

Available in 4 colours and 2 sizes (M and L)

Glamour Grey

Tru Blue

Harvest Gold

Ruby Red

Price :

Size M
Normal price : RM59.90

Size L
Normal price : RM69.90

Postage :
RM10 (SM)
RM15 (SS)

sms/whatsapp : 012-2357740 (Jue)

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